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Color Black

Black is associated with Power, Wealth, Strength, and Courage. Black radiates authority and it is the color choice for people in high-level executive positions. Black is also intimidating and it could signify that you are trying to overpower people, so wear black with caution.

There are false innovations (bid’ah) connected to black such as the practice of wearing black at times of bereavement, associating black with witchcraft, etc. These are baseless and should be debunked. Allocating certain color for mourning is an act of ‘innovation’ and it is highly discouraged in Islam.

Here are the reasons you should stock lots of black in your closet

1. The prophet SAW wore black. Yay!! J


2. Black goes with everything

Black offers a versality that other colors can’t just match. It adds contrast and makes other colors stand out. Wether you prefer to wear all black or accessorize with other colors, black provides the opportunity to dress according to your needs. So, for instance, the same two pieces can be styled differently and suddenly it’s like you have four outfits from just a top and a skirt. 

3. Black Serves Practical/Meaningful Purposes

Wear black to job Interviews, formal occasions, casual occasions—pretty much anywhere. Black presents you as being serious, classy, and confident.. and if you want be in control without trying harder, just go for black. :)

Size chart

Bust - Inches

Waist - Inches

Extra-Small 33-34 25-26
Small 36-36 27-28
Medium 37-38 29-30
Large 39-40 31-32
Extra-Large 41-42 33-34


measure around the fullest part of the bust, keeping the measuring tape horizontal

measure around the narrowest part of the torso, between the navel and the rib cage