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  • Want to reach your goals faster? Start writing them down

January 28, 2019

Ideas come in a flash and the only way to hold them down is to write them down. When you overwork your brain with the thoughts of having to remember every little thing, you will become less productive and might be opening doors to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Let’s get into the other benefits of writing things down.

It helps you remember things

Before I started writing things down, I would struggle to remember the things I thought I had stored in my memory. As I remembered one thing, I would forget the other, and this unending cycle was creating a lot of mental stress for me. As such, I started freeing up my mental RAM and writing everything down. It worked.

The process of writing things down not only helps your brain to remember things better, it also helps you process them better while relieving you of mental stress. In essence, you’ll remember thinking about that idea, writing it down, and what you wrote down. And if and when you forget, you can always go back to what you wrote. Easy, right?

It helps you to think bigger

Each time I write something down, my brain nudges me to remember even bigger ideas. This is where creativity starts. When you write things down, you can organize and develop your thoughts better.

Research has it that people who take notes receive a bigger memory boost compared to people who don’t, so writing does not only let you remember things, it also allows you to expand on your thoughts.

You are creating a commitment

When you pen down your thoughts, you are creating a commitment to follow up later. This is a great starting point to reaching your goals.

Writing is a great first step to processing your ideas. The ideas you write down will keep you focused. So, if you want to stay on the right track and start getting things done, write down your thoughts.

You will crave for more knowledge

I can’t even remember how many times I have started writing and had to look up something online. My writing has helped me in ways I never imagined. It has given me a reason to read wide, and I have learnt a lot while reading.

Whether it’s your daily schedule or your short or long term goals, writing helps you unload your mental RAM, and gives you a direction, and it’s usually the first step in making your goals a reality. So, if you want to be more productive and start growing, go ahead and pen down your ideas.

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