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  • How to Overcome Your Inner-Critic

October 22, 2017

“The greatest struggle is to battle your own soul, to fight the evil within yourself” (Muhammad, PBUH)

My friend’s inner critic had been speaking to her all her life. She told me that she never felt good about herself. She blamed herself for everything that went wrong and she was certain that she would never be able to do anything right. You see, that was her inner critic talking to her.

Our thoughts greatly affect how we feel and behave, and that can deter us from reaching our goals. Hence, when you are a victim of your own inner verbal abuse, you are opening the doors to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety for yourself.

So, I talked to my friend about seeing a therapist and she has now improved significantly. Let me share with you some of the activities she has been doing with her therapist to rid her of her negative self-talk.

Acknowledge your negative thoughts, but disregard them

Since your inner critic is part of your subconscious, it is quite tricky to control and one of the best ways to get rid of it is to own your thoughts.

Many experts have advised that one of the ways to get rid of negative self-talk is to acknowledge it. When it begins to talk to you, pay attention to what it’s telling you, but be the boss. Whatever it says, don’t take part in believing it. Detach yourself from it. That way, you are in control and can easily manage your thoughts.

Create a Positive Version of Every Negative Thought

Positive self-talk can improve your overall well-being. Focus on your strengths, your achievements, and every other thing you are proud of. The next step is to produce a positive version of every negative thought.


Negative – I am not as good as other people

Positive – Well, I have my own unique qualities. I have achieved a lot over the years and I am not planning to stop.

Negative – I am fat and ugly.

Positive – This is not my ideal weight and I am not stopping at getting there.

You see, the smallest change in your thoughts is enough to improve your mood. Suddenly, you feel a pleasant change in your perspective.

Ask yourself what advice you’d give to a friend

This is my favourite. You know, my friend is good at making other people feel better. She has all the sweet words to uplift your mood. However, she is often quick to judge herself. Think about what you will tell your friend, and apply those words of encouragement to your life.

Appreciate what you have

Practice showing gratitude to God. Think about all you have achieved. Remind yourself that there are people out there looking to climb up to your level. This will immediately distract you, and for a moment, your inner critic will stop.

Of course, don’t be afraid to see a therapist.

Making a small change to your inner critic can have a huge positive impact in your daily life. So, if you suddenly experience a decrease in energy or get stuck, or you lack the motivation to move on, know that your inner critic is speaking to you. When it comes, don't be quick to resist it, else it’ll persist. Rather, own it!


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